One Simple Secret to Recognizing Your Intuition Every Time

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the key to recognizing your intuition is easier than you think!

The #1 question people ask me is: How do I follow my Intuition when I am not even sure it is my Intuition?

For anyone who hasn’t trained with their Intuition, understanding the difference between our genuine Intuition vs. our thoughts/imagination can be tricky. When we open ourselves to receive guidance from above, we are often bombarded by information of all kinds.

How do we know which voice is our Intuition?

The sure-fire way to catching those golden nuggets from our inner guidance is summed up in two simple words: FIRST IMPRESSION.

Our mind is a swirl of thoughts, ideas and information ~ all constantly being processed in an effort to make the best sense of our lives. The great thing about Intuition is that it is faster than the mind. It gets there FIRST.

Why is Intuition the source of our first impression?
First, because, with Intuition, we simply receive knowledge; with the mind, we have to deduct knowledge. The first method is passive, the second is active. The first is instantaneous; the second requires action and information processing in the mind.

But, ultimately, Intuition is pure, unadulterated Truth. It pops in in an instant ~ a revelation, a flash of insight, an epiphany ~ when a ‘lightbulb goes off.” All of these common terms are references to Intuition. While Intuition simply knows, the mind rushes to make connections and toss out interference….which is why I always say we need to reprogram our minds to think with Intuition first.

ENJOY this short micro-class on Intuition + our First Impressions:

In this quick power video, I talk about:
✔ the secret to recognizing Intuition in TWO SIMPLE WORDS (Hint: Intuition never lies!)
✔ how you can use practical Intuition in all your daily decisions, big or small
✔ how to identify intuitive guidance and know that you aren't just 'making it up'
✔ how you can move beyond logic and reason to live your life from HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS

first impressions never lie ~Ancient wisdom


3 Examples of Intuitive First Impressions

Whether you realize it or not, you have been using your Intuition everyday! Each time a new idea pops into your head out of nowhere, there is a good chance you can thank your Intuition!

How many times have you met someone and gotten an instant feeling about them? Maybe you really liked them, and felt attracted to their energy. Or maybe you got a bad vibe, or icky feeling, right off the bat. This is the handiwork of Intuition ~ and a great internal warning sign of danger. (Remember: Intuition always wants what is best for you, so I will align you with positive energy)

You can toil and rationalize and make pros and cons lists, but the BEST information you get is the information that ‘just comes to you.’ In an instant, the answer or solution cuts through the static. Eureka!

Did you ever wonder why you have, so many times, shopped and shopped and shopped, sometimes for hours or days or months…only to go back and buy the first thing you looked at? This isn’t a coincidence; it was your intuition leading you directly to what you were looking for. (But your mind told you to keep looking for other options…to be sure)

Like a wormhole, Intuition skips over the time and space needed for rational deduction and leads you directly to the answer.

So, if you want to simplify your life. If you want to stop wasting your time, and make better, faster decisions, start paying attention to those magical intuitive first impressions.

I even created a handy guide to help you keep track of your first impressions, so that each day you become more adept in recognizing them. Click here to download your free copy of my Daily Intuition Tracker.

Happy intuiting!