Knowing is the New Thinking ~ Retrain Your Brain to Think Intuitively

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It’ true. Our schools and our knowledge systems have left out one critical piece of the puzzle....Over the years...the centuries...the ages...we have forgotten about a deep inner magic that trumps linear thinking.

Trust me, there is a better way to make decisions than making a pros and cons list. There is a better way to figure things out than to follow formulas and rationalizations. (And it's much easier!)

It's time for us all to rediscover the lost practice of INTUITIVE THINKING.

I put together a short mini-teaching to show you how to start thinking THE BETTER honoring your intuition FIRST, THEN allowing your mind to serve from there.


In this short video, I tell you all about:
✔ How to start "thinking" with your Intuition
✔ The 4 Zones of Intuitive Perception 
✔ How Intuitive Thinking leads to the expansion of consciousness
✔ Practical tips on retraining your brain for "Intuition First!"

The Intuitive Mind Is a Sacred Gift and the Rational Mind Is a Faithful Servant ~ Einstein

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Are you ready to start honoring the sacred gift of your Intuition?
It is a lot easier than you think! AND…since everyone has Intuition, there is no reason why you can’t be using it every day to make better choices, live a healthier, balanced life and make your dreams a reality.

If you a new to this Intuition thing, I am happy to sit down with you in one of my starter 1:1 sessions to discover what YOUR intuitive superpower is and share with you the first steps to creating an Intuition-based spiritual practice that will upgrade your life to the highest vibration.

Or, if you are ready to go deep into your Intuition mastery, my Intuition Masterclass is the only complete, holistic-approach Intuition training on the market. We run this immersive online program twice each year with students all over the globe!

So, remember….

The more you start thinking intuitively, the more you will align with your highest path and purpose.

Take the next step in your spiritual growth and get intuitive with me now!

Kim Chestney