What is the Purpose of Life? The Answer is Way More Simple than You Think.

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"You are walking on the earth as in a dream…
you must realize that to find God is the only goal,
the only purpose, for which you are here.
For God alone you exist.
God you must find." 

~Paramahansa Yogananda, The Divine Romance
5 January 1893 – 7 March 1952

A few years ago, I was moved to immortalize the words of Yogananda on my arm as a constant reminder of what matters in life. 

अकेले भगवान

We live everyday lives ~ with family, friends, jobs and responsibilities...but there is a magic behind it all that we mustn’t forget. 

There is something powerful and meaningful that lifts us up above it all....that calls us to arise...to step into our power and purpose. 

You can call it God, or the Universe, or Spirit...whatever word you use, it is WITHIN YOU. 

At once, beyond you and inside you. 
Discover that, and you discover you true Self. You discover your eternal Being. 

“If we use the mind properly, we can understand how God is beyond mind and intellect; and how His true nature can be felt only through the soul’s power of intuition. We must find His consciousness through the superconscious mind – the nucleus of mind and intelligence. His infinite nature is revealed to man through the intuitive superconsciousness of the soul.”


People wonder why I am so passionate about Intuition. THIS IS WHY. 

Intuition is OUR CONNECTION to that magic ~ beyond and within ~ it is the voice of God, the guidance of the Universe and the spirit of cosmic evolution. 

Everything we need to know and learn about life is on the other side of our Intuition.

Yogananda says that the purpose of life is to known God.
And that our connection to God is our Intuition.

THAT”S how important Intuition is.

The question remains: what kind of relationship do you have with your Intuition?

Does it come to you often?
Can you consciously choose to tap into it?
Do you understand the language it speaks? And what is calls you to?

I founded IntuitionLab to help you answer YES to all of those questions.

And there are so many ways to get started reconnecting with you Higher Self, right now, from any place in your life.

If you are new to Intuition, I am happy to sit down with you in one of my starter 1:1 sessions to talk about the first steps to creating an Intuition-based spiritual practice that will connect you God, the Universe and your highest Truth.

Or, if you are ready to go deep into your Intuition mastery, my Intuition Masterclass enrolls twice a year. You can learn more about it or sign up for more Intuition education, toolkits and free guides on my website.

In fact, you can download a FREE INTUITION AWAKENING GUIDE right now!

I hope these resources serve you well on your journey.
And remember…always…to your own higher self be true.

Kim Chestney