How an Intuition Class Got Me a Book Deal (And Changed the Course of My Life)


“You are going to be writing a book this year.”

That was the message I received (years ago) during one of the first Intuition classes I had attended.

No way.
I was pregnant with my first daughter. Though I had a degree in writing, I was working at the time as a Design Director at a tech company.

I had no aspirations of writing a book.

In fact, I was a little miffed at what I perceived to be a “waste of a message.”
One of my favorite parts of Intuition class was the intuitive guidance that I received from my classmates during our exercises.

(Intuition class is like Christmas ~ the joy is in the giving, but also the receiving!)

Plus, to make things worse ~ the message came from JoAnna.
JoAnna ALWAYS gave the best messages.

Each week, I would get so excited to practice with JoAnna. Her Intuition was…well…on whole nother level. She had the kind of Intuition you see on TV shows. The first day I met her she told me like 10 things about my life she could never have known. She was a medium in the true sense of the word; talking with her felt like having a conversation with the Universe itself.

So, why did Joanna give me this crappy message?
That was all I could ask myself on the drive home that night.


My mom called. And guess what she asked me?
To help her write a book.

So that was it!
I thought for sure JoAnna gotten it ALMOST right….that she had just picked up on me helping my mom.



joanna was right: I did write a book that year.

  • First, I helped my mom find a literary agent.

  • Then, I thought: heck! maybe I should get one for myself too!

  • So I sent out some proposals for a book on psychic development. I got offers from 3 agents within two weeks (one of whom represented Michael Jordan AND Jack Canfield)

  • He got me a book deal and we were live and published in the year!


Bestseller Snippet (1).png

Yep. That was my book ~ on the UK Bestseller list ~ right above two of my favorite minds of the time, Jon Edward and Dean Radin.

It was a dream come true.

Simple words, from an everyday night in Intuition class, took my life in an all-new direction.

Sometimes I ask myself: Did I write the book because it was meant to happen OR did I write it because Joanna gave me the idea to make it happen?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. Her Intuition was right. I wrote a book that year.

And it all started with an Intuition class.

But the point of this isn’t to talk about writing a book.
It’s to demonstrate the power that ignites when we tap into our Intuition.

Intuition is a touch-point for magic ~ where the mystery and real come together.

And growing your Intuition in a supportive community, giving and receiving guidance, sets the stage for the magic to come alight in your life.

It has happened for me. And it has happened for my students ~ time and again.

It is as if some kind of life-magic wakes up as we begin to tune-in to the power of our inner wisdom.
Suddenly, we are in tune with our mission in life.
Suddenly, we are aligned with our purpose ~ and our truth.

So, if you have never been to an Intuition class before, now might be a good time to check one out.

Of course, I am carrying on the tradition with lots of interactive classes in IntuitionLab.
Consider this your personal invitation to join one ~ and see for yourself the magic that awaits within!

Here are some fun live Intuition events we have coming up!
Illuminate! The Intuition Mastery Program ~ 8-Week Online Certification Course
Awaken! New Year’s Intuition + Spiritual Awakening Day-Retreat
Arise! Summer Mountain Weekend Retreat + Intuition Attunement

Remember, the one true guru is within you.

The truth you seek awaits on the other side of your Intuition.

I hope to see you there!

Kim Chestney