Beyond Saints & Psychics: Why We All Have the God Power

From The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential
By Kim Chestney, Adams Media/Random House
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You have never talked to a mere mortal. —C. S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory

There are no ordinary people. The blur of everyday reality has created a world in which most of us have forgotten the value of our unique and sacred existence. We all are human. We all die. But, more important, we all are more than human, and we all live on. We are more than laborers and artists, parents and children, masters and servants; our earthly occupations are the expressions of the unfathomable energy that exists as our true selves. It is this true self, once rediscovered, that enables us to understand more clearly the nature of our world, and our own existence.

With this awareness, everyday experiences become mystical experiences of their own. The profound beauty that stirs our soul during a summer sunset; the smile of a child, or friend, or lover that warms our heart; the quiet way the light glows through a window on a cold, snowy evening; all of these are simple ways we experience the beauty of creation. But not all expression of the higher powers is so subtle. There are moments when the veil between our world and the heavens is pulled wide open. The laws of physics are violated. We imagine the unimaginable, experience the impossible. These moments have been the foundation of most of the religions we know in human history. These are the moments of revelation.

The saints, the seers, the psychics, the shamans, the prophets, the oracles, the mystics, the yogis, the diviners, the high priests and priestesses—they have had many names throughout history—they are the ones who have dedicated their lives to the understanding and experience of these mysteries. But where are they today?

Who are the prophets among us now? Who, in our own day and age, hears the voice of God? Most of us have lived our lives with the notion that heavenly experience is reserved for the select few—for the saints, for the blessed ones. We may be moved by the raptures of St. Theresa, or inspired by St. Thomas Aquinas’s mysticism, but few consider such destinies attainable. We think that there must be something innately different about such people, something special that allows them to understand God in ways that we cannot. But, in truth, the heavenly powers reveal to us all.

We are all blessed ones. Heaven is no longer in the clouds. It is right here, all around us, everywhere; we must only open our eyes to see it. We are all completely capable of transcending our mundane existence to reach an awareness of a higher reality. We simply aren’t aware of our own potential. We even limit ourselves under the false assumption that psychics, like the saints, are somehow different from us, that they were born with a special ability that we lack. This is not the case. Though these individuals may have natural talents, or callings, that are stronger than ours, the potential for each of us is always there. Intuitive ability is a skill, a talent to be developed like any other.

Do we assume that, because we weren’t born with the ability to play the piano, we will never be able to do it? Do we give up on painting because we weren’t born with an innate understanding of perspective? We do not. We become experts with time, dedication, and patience. We may have been born with a natural affinity for art, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to work to develop our form, composition, or line weight, just like everyone else. Nor does it mean that less creative individuals can’t become, through their own dedication, successful artists in their own right. Just as with any other talent, spiritual or intuitive or “psychic” talents—whatever you choose to call them—are uniquely developed with each individual. We just need to take the time to discover them.

We don’t need to be saints or psychics for Heaven to reveal to us; we need only to open our hearts and minds to the inspiration and wisdom that lie just beyond our five senses.

The key to this other world lies in cultivating our intuition. Our intuition is the still, inner voice of quiet knowing. It is a voice that is so gentle and subtle that we often cannot distinguish it from our own thoughts. Whether or not we are aware of it, our intuition guides us every day. It is more than perceptiveness, more than a conscience—it is the meeting point of our conscious mind and the spiritual realm. This “intuitive point” is where we receive impressions from the higher realms, as we are nudged with intuitive feelings. The more we pay attention to our intuition, the easier it becomes to build a conscious rapport with our heavenly guidance. When we feel connected with the metaphysical world, we experience, firsthand, the continuous structure of life—a life that does not end with the death of our physical bodies.

We remind ourselves that there is no end to love, both the love we have for our friends in this world and love God has for us. We live more balanced and fulfilled lives, living as a part of the peaceful, creative Spirit that unites us all. We develop our selves for the good of humanity, as well as for our own evolution. By raising our own awareness, we are taking one small step to raise the awareness of our world. With a true understanding of the higher powers, we live better and more genuine lives. By living in tandem with the spirit world, we can share the beauty of life with our brothers and sisters both in this world and beyond.

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Kim Chestney