Everyday Miracles: How Intuition Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary

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when you awaken your intuition, magic happens…

Tuning into our Intuition sets in motion a chain reaction of miracles in our life. It might seem like a simple shift, but, in reality, when you reach out to the Universe ~ it WILL touch you back.

Our spirituality is a relationship. It is a connection between you and your Higher Self (aka. God, the Universe, Supreme Source, Divine I AM…) Whatever word for the Highest of High resonates with you, THIS is what is on the other end of your Intuition.

When you consciously open to receive your Intuition, you are inviting a deeper relationship with the Divine Consciousness.

Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. All of it flows through the divine language of your Intuition.

Life itself flows from the ethereal realms of energy, through our Intuition, to become realized in the realm of grounded, physical form. Each time we follow through on an Intuition, we plant a seed of the divine in the Universe ~ we manifest the will of higher, cosmic consciousness into the finite earthly plane of time and space.


intuition is the soul’s power of knowing god. ~yogananda

The miraculous relationship of Co-Creation

We hear a lot of talk about miracles today in popular spirituality. What exactly does that mean? How do we make these miracles happen?

the reality is that miracles are a relationship

We make them ourselves, in alignment with our highest self and true path. It’s the Law of Attraction. The more we, personally, embody the characteristics of the ‘miracles’ we want to attract, the stronger our ability to manifest them.

If you want to create a miracle of prosperity in your life, you will need to be aligned with the energetic frequency of prosperity…or love…or healing ~ whatever moves your soul.

Why is Intuition so important in the process of manifestation of our dreams?

Because Intuition aligns us with OUR personal truth.

Intuition shows us OUR path. Not the path of our parents, or partners or friends. It moves within us to align us with our Dharma or life purpose and potential.

Our inner guidance will prevent us from wasting time on the folly of our ego, and any fruitless energy we may consciously or unconsciously attract. When things ‘just feel wrong,’ this is a clue that it is not for us. It may not be wrong for everyone; it is simply not our path.

The more we tune into our Intuition, the more we will be empowered to create the miracles we need.

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Happy Co-Creating!

Kim Chestney