Client Terms & Conditions


I am at least Eighteen (18) years of age and fully competent. I have carefully read this consent and fully understand it. I understand that KIM CHESTNEY, MYSTIC STUDIO is not a physician and cannot instruct or diagnosis medical needs. If I have any known medical conditions, I will consult with my physician before engaging in any wellness program. If I choose to engage in any program with Kim Chestney or Mystic Studio, I take full responsibility for my mental and physical health. I understand and accept full responsibility for my total well-being as part of my participation.

I understand that my results will be based on many variables, such as my level of effort, personal acumen, spiritual qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. I understand that my results may vary from client testimonials of this program. Since these factors differ for each individual, I understand that Mystic Studio cannot guarantee personal results, and are not responsible for my results.

I understand that any coursework or materials from this program is copyrighted intellectual property of Mystic Studio and Kim Chestney, and that no content may be used or distributed for professional purposes without advance written permission.

By signing up for any session with Kim Chestney, Mystic Studio, IntuitionLab, Coaching, Astrology or event registration, I agree and consent to to all of the items above.