Don't wait to live the life you were meant for.

Are you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual evolution?,
Do you long to have a deeper understanding of your inner guidance?

Do you feel like it is time to...

… live the life of your dreams!
... start making choices from a heart-centered place of trust, instead of fear and conditioning from others!
... raise your vibe to attract and manifest well-being, prosperity, creativity and success!
... stop suffering and fulfill your highest potential!

But you have tried many spiritual practices, and, still, somehow, something is missing...
Maybe you’ve thought about taking a class, but your aren't sure which one is right for you. Or maybe you just need a mentor, or guide on your path. You’re a wise, spiritual person, but you crave the support of a community of like-minded, thoughtful people. (I get it – the spiritual journey can have many challenges. Stay with me…)  


Does this sound like you?  

  • "I am awakened. But I still have work to do."
  • “I want to learn how to follow my Intuition. But it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between it and my own thoughts!”
  • “I feel like I need to start listening to myself more – and stop living my life by what makes other people happy.”
  • “I’m tired of putting my life on hold. It's time for me to honor myself and all I am meant to do in this world.”
  • “I’m not even sure I want to follow my Intuition… deep down I just 'know' I need to make changes, but they are scary and hard!”
  •  “I’ve spent so much time seeking. I need to find a complete spiritual practice that works for me .”

You’re in the right place (and I’m SO glad you’re here).


Hi, I'm Kim Chestney... 

I discovered the power of Intuition gradually over the course of my life. After an abrupt awakening at age 23, the simple act of trusting my Intuition enabled me to heal and overcome personal trauma, to believe in myself and to open doors I never imagined.

Beginning my journey as an introverted oil painter, making pennies on the dollar, I never dreamed that, 10 years later, I would have published an international best-selling book, or that I would have become one of the creative leaders in a transformative city like Pittsburgh, or that I would be elected to advise national policy at American's for the Arts.

As my career progressed, my Intuition lead me down the direct pathways to my success. It literally landed me a book deal, got my book translated into 4 different languages and sold over 20,000 copies. At the same time, as an artist, I followed my Intuition every step of the way as I built a national network for creative entrepreneurs, and founded Pittsburgh's first and biggest art and technology festival, attracting over 1000 attendees each year.

I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn't an intellectual expert in any of the things I succeeded so well at.
I just followed my Intuition!

Throughout my journey of awakening and learning to live my truth, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing spiritual, creative, corporate and tech leaders in the country. I have been invited to speak all around the country, and have had my work published by magazines and publishing houses all over the globe.

I loved my life and my work, but, still, something was missing....

My Intuition, once again, was leading me down a new path. I knew that it was time for me to passionately share the message of Intuition with the world. I knew that I could help other people easily learn and do what took me 20 years to figure out.

It was time to put my money where my mouth was, and take yet another leap to follow my Intuition. And here I am, today, to share a new message of Intuition with you, and the world. It's time to spread the word! Shout it from the rooftops! 


It has been the saving grace of my life, and it can be yours, too! I have been studying and teaching Intuition for over 20 years, but this is the FIRST time I am launching an immersive, life-changing course.

I work with people from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds. Holistic practitioners, moms, grand-moms, corporate executives, military veterans, students, entrepreneurs and so much more.

I know how Intuition works, and how to teach it to you. I have personally built and lived a new spiritual practice of Intuition ~ a practice that is part of a revolution in our culture as we move from the information age to a new imagination age. 

Imagine what you can do in your life if you trust in yourself
and learn to follow the path of your Intuition!

Instead of wondering if you are on the right path, you can make every decision with inner confidence and strength!
You will never be alone again, because your Intuition will always have your back!





Awaken, Heal and Transform Your Life with the Power of Intuition

Awaken! Own Your Inner Power is an interactive, one-on-one and online program to help you discover and live your personal truth by mastering your Intuition.

This is a personal coaching and hands-on training, for people at all levels of Intuitive development, where you’ll take action on what you’re learning each week…and be supported every step of the way.  


You Will:

·         Learn how to recognize and act upon your inner guidance

·         Get interactive workshop training and practice with me personally

·         Be encouraged to share the questions, thoughts and experiences of your own spiritual journey

·         Master the art of AUTHENTIC living and being true to yourself

·         Know exactly how to make better choices based on your Intuition

·         Grow and evolve towards higher consciousness by aligning with your higher purpose

·         Be better prepared to deal with life's challenges, by building a solid trust in the Universe

·         Avoid being deceived, lied to or manipulated into scenarios that are not in your best interest

·         Have your deepest spiritual questions explored in a non-judgmental environment

·         Be ready to share this message with others, and support them on their journey

·         Finally be free!


"Kim Chestney's wonderful energy and enthusiasm towards her projects and clients is truly inspiring. Kim is creative and a gifted teacher!" – Erica McIlroy, Founder, Green Heiress Holistic Health and Green Yoga
“Kim is a compelling force and natural leader, grounded in the arenas of notable professional and creative accomplishment, as well as salutary contributions within the fields of spiritual and personal development. She is honorably focused, broadly achieved and a refreshingly singular talent. – Dr. Susan Amorose, DMQ RMT,  Healing with Medical QiGong and Reiki




Own Your Inner Power.png

This 6-Week Immersive Masterclass registration opens in Summer 2018.

PART ONE, WEEKS 1-2: Awakening to Your Inner Power and Personal Destiny

The first 2 weeks of the program consist of 2 x 75-minute LIVE Group Teaching + Q&A calls to help you understand what Intuition is, and how to recognize it. You’ll have the rest of the week to implement what you learned, and start forming a personalized spiritual practice to awaken and evolve your spirit with the power of Intuition. You will be able to ask questions and become part of a new, like-minded spiritual community between calls in our private Facebook group – and all calls will be recorded, so you can go back and listen anytime. 

You will also receive interactive workbooks and reading materials to help you understand what Intuition really is, how to use it everyday in your life.

PART TWO, WEEKS 3-6: How to Use Intuition to Live Your Truth and Fulfill Your Highest Potential

Once you’ve completed Part 1 of the class, you will have learned the fundamentals of Intuition, and the many ways you can use it to guide your life. The final four weeks will consist of 6 60-minute intensive workshops and intuitive development exercises. Each step of the way, I will guide you to build a complete spiritual practice for body, mind, heart and spirit. You will not only learn to understand and recognize Intuition, you will learn all the secrets of putting it into action to change your life, and the world!



Six 45-Minute LIVE Teaching + Q&A 1:1 Sessions Intimate group calls where I teach you the secrets of Intuition, and answer your questions live.  

Six 45-Minute LIVE Workshop & Intuition Development Sessions Get the support + answers you need as you begin to develop your own Intuitive language.

Three 60-Minute LIVE Bonus Sessions Interviews + Q&A with special guest experts who share their wisdom on intuition!

Support Between Calls I will be available to answer your questions between calls in our private Facebook group.

Interactive Workbooks Special MasterClass-only guides to help you jump start your Intuition and create a daily culture of spiritual growth.

Private 1:1 Session Each attendee will have the opportunity for a private 1:1 session, live in-person in Pittsburgh, or, from anywhere, via video chat.

Private Facebook Group Connect with other intuitives, seekers and healers who are looking for a community to grow with.

Online Portal + Email Reminders Access all your materials in one place and stay on track throughout the program.

Call Recordings All calls are recorded in video + Mp3 format.



One-of-a-Kind Program

There is no other Intuition program like this around. This is the deepest, most complete model for learning to understand and live by your Intuition.

Intimate Group Experience

Because this is my first time running this program, I’ll be limiting the group size to ensure that everyone gets plenty of support. This is your chance to be a part of an intimate group experience that may not be available again – as future versions of the program likely won’t have a cap on enrollment.

Proven to Make a Difference in Your Life

Intuition is the core of all spiritual development. To truly direct and change your life, you must need to know how to navigate your Intuition.

High-Quality Guest Experts

Don't just take it from me! You will have the opportunity to meet and learn from other Intuition experts, and incorporate their practices in your life.

"I knew as soon as I met Kim that I wanted to learn from her and soak up some of her wonderful energy. She has such a warm, welcoming personality, and with one look into her eyes, it's not hard to sense the wisdom that lies within. I've worked with her one on one, in small group sessions, and large format workshops, and every experience I've had with her, I walk away feeling centered, equipped with new tools, and eager to learn more and to dive deeper. Her sense of humor and easy going nature make working with her a blast, and she has the best way of making abstract concepts seem attainable. If you are looking to deepen your understanding of yourself, build an intuitive toolbox to pull from, and have some fun along the way, Kim is your girl."
~ Nicky Dunlap, Self-Love Yoga



MODULE 1:  Introduction to Intuition as the Secret to Spiritual Evolution


  • The New Intuition
  • Introduction to the Four Types of Intuition for Well-being, Wisdom, Creativity and Enlightenment
  • Understanding Intuition as the New Spiritual Practice Beyond Mindfulness
  • Higher Self-Awareness & How to Recognize Intuitive Impressions
  • Higher Self-Actualization & How to Live Your Personal Truth


  • Intuition Awakening Meditation
  • Intuition Activation Affirmation
  • Group Practice


  • Intuition Self-Assessment Worksheets
  • Daily Meditation & Affirmation
  • Supplemental Reading Material

MODULE 2: Start Your Intuition Intervention


  • Reprogramming our Being to Think Intuitively
  • The Four Intuition Affinities & Manifestation Pathways
  • Examples of Different Types of Intuitive Impressions
  • Learning the Three-Step Process of Intuition
  • Higher Self-Actualization & How to Live Your Personal Truth


  • Intuition Self-Assessment Discussion
  • Group Meditation and Affirmation
  • Group Practice and Discussion


  • Three-Step Practice
  • Daily Meditation & Affirmation
  • Supplemental Reading Material 

MODULE 3: The Four Types of Intuition: Body


  • Understanding Physical Intuition
  • The Spiritual Anatomy: The Senses and MetaSenses
  • Getting into the Flow: How to Manifest Physical Intuition
  • First its a Whisper, then its a Shout, then its a Roar
  • QiGong, Yoga, Reiki, Nature Baths, Chakras, Grounding


  • Energy Play
  • Group Meditation and Affirmation
  • Group Practice and Discussion


  • Metasense Activation & Balancing: Aromatherapy, Dietary Wellness, Music, Art Appreciation, Body Work
  • Daily Meditation & Affirmation
  • Supplemental Reading Material

MODULE 4: The Four Types of Intuition: Mind


  • Understanding Practical Intuition
  • Learning Your Personal Intuitive Language
  • Knowing is the New Thinking
  • Oracles
  • Psychic Development, Telepathy, Eureka Moments, Genius


  • How to Use Oracles to Strengthen Your Intuition
  • Group Meditation and Affirmation
  • Group Practice and Discussion


  • Oracle Practice & Godwink Journaling
  • Daily Meditation & Affirmation
  • Supplemental Reading Material

MODULE 5: The Four Types of Intuition: Heart


  • Understanding Creative Intuition
  • Embracing Your Personal Evolution
  • Break Free from Conditioning
  • Manifesting 
  • The Power of Inspiration, Imagination, Creativity, Transformation


  • Getting into the Creative Flow
  • Group Meditation and Affirmation
  • Group Practice and Discussion


  • Transformational Journaling
  • Daily Meditation & Affirmation
  • Supplemental Reading Material

MODULE 6: The Four Types of Intuition: Spirit


  • Understanding Spiritual Intuition
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Life beyond Life
  • Love
  • The Power of Inspiration, Imagination, Creativity, Transformation


  • Group Metta or Insight Meditation
  • Final Class Q&A and Sharing


  • Finalizing Your Personal Ongoing Intuition Practice Plan




How to Use Intuition in Your Yoga Practice

You’ll Learn:

  • Secrets from the yoga experts
  • How to get balance body & spirit
  • Simple yoga practices you can do at home

Getting into the Flow with QiGong

You’ll Learn:

  •  How to become a connector between the earth and the heavens
  • The intuitive power of yin and yang
  • Simple flow routines you can do at home  

Activate Your Healing Power with Intuitive Reiki

You’ll Learn:

  • How to tap into your natural healing energy 
  • What Reiki can do for you
  • Simple techniques to heal yourself and others with your natural reiki energy


Kim Chestney is an internationally-published author, artist and spiritual teacher. After a stellar 20-year career in the corporate tech space, she has made it her personal mission to teach others the secrets of Intuition that lead her to success. She has helped countless people tap into their intuition, trust their inner voice and create the life of their dreams. She has worked with Hollywood celebrities, national innovation leaders, top tier academia, artists, holistic professionals, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, to empower everyone to fulfill their highest potential with the power of Intuition. Kim's unique combination of personal warmth, creativity and mastery of Intuition is making her the new voice of Intuition in the 21st Century.



When does this program take place? The program runs for six weeks, late September through November. The first 2 weeks are an introduction to Intuition and baseline Self-assessment of your natural affinities. The last 4 weeks are focus sessions on the four types of Intuition and how to cultivate them in your daily life. You’ll have each week to implement what you learned, and start taking action to create a culture of Intuition in your life. I’ll be available to answer your questions between calls in our private Facebook group – and all calls will be recorded, so you can go back and listen anytime. 

I don't know much about Intuition. Is this right for me? Yes! All people have Intuition. This class will help those new to Intuition to recognize what Intuition feels like, how it works and how to use it every day!

I have taken other Intuition classes before. Why should I take this one? There is NO other Intuition class in the world like this one. My new teaching of Holistic Intuition is the only complete, fully immersive understanding of Intuition on the market. This work is the culmination of over 20 years of research, experimentation, study and life experience ~ and is my personally-proven formula for living a happy, successful, spiritually-fulfilled life founded on Intuition.

I’m worried the technology will be overwhelming. What if I can’t keep up? Technology has come a long way in a short time, making it easier than ever to share your work online. Gone are the days of having to outsource everything to a tech person. With modern applications, I truly believe that anyone can learn to create their own landing pages, build an email list, and do everything it takes to create and launch a successful online program. Of course, you are always welcome to hire support if you need it. However, I will be sharing the best tools I know to make it easy for you to keep as much of this in-house as you wish.  

What is the time commitment for this course? I know you’re busy, but this isn’t about adding more to your plate. It’s about creating a foundation that will free you to bring more space, wellness and peace into your life. Yes, it will take investing some time in the beginning. But if you stick with it, you will be astonished at how profoundly your life changes. The exact time commitment will vary from person to person – depending on your level of interest and need for support. Most students will spend around 3-5 hours per week on learning + practice.

What if I miss a session? Will the calls be recorded? Yes! All sessions will be recorded in video and mp3 format so you can go back and listen anytime.  

How much support will I get? Lots of it! There are a total of 9 LIVE Group Calls during the program where you’ll have the chance to learn and ask your questions during the Q&A portion of the call. Plus, I’ll be available to answer your questions between calls in the private Facebook group. Because this is my first time running this program, I’m limiting the group size to ensure that everyone gets plenty of support. This is your chance to be a part of an intimate group experience that may not be available again – as future versions of the program likely won’t have a cap on enrollment. 

When will this program be offered again? This program will likely be offered twice per year, however, this is the only time I’ll be limiting the group size to ensure everyone gets plenty of support. This is your chance to be a part of an intimate group experience that may not be available again. If you’re still uncertain whether you’re ready to join now, look deeper… Is fear or resistance holding you back? Breathe, quiet the mind, and listen to your inner voice. Your intuition knows whether this is the right next step for you. Trust what you find.


"The lectures were enjoyable and informative...the exercises were enlightening, and, while I found them to be useful and validating, one of the things I valued most from the workshops was the sense of camaraderie, of working together with these other women in the class, each of us giving of ourselves to help free the others from whatever was holding us back."  – Beth Wojiski, positively b.e.e.

"This is the best workshop I’ve been to in years! It was full of useful information, experiential activities and practical application." – Wendy Borne, Visions Reiki

"After meeting with Kim, I'm much more fully engaged with, open to, and curious about Spirit throughout each day. Her warmth, generosity, and complete trust that we are all surrounded by love guarantees that time with her will be well spent."  – Pam

As with any educational program your results may vary from client testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal acumen, spiritual qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication. We believe that this program provides you with a great toolbox to fulfill your highest potential and change your life for the best.