Kim Chestney


intuition idea-leader

Kim Chestney teaches a revolutionary approach to Intuition: Holistic Intuition. Based on the notion that Intuition is the foundation of our well-being, success, creativity and spiritual enlightenment, she has developed an all-new model to help everyone learn how to discover and live by their inner guidance.


artist + cultural-influencer

In 2018, after nearly 10 years of leadership in the art and technology sectors, Kim was elected to serve on the Private Sector Advisory Council for Americans for the Arts in honor of her trailblazing work and the disruptive  creativity + innovation network she built at the Pittsburgh Technology Council.



Since 1998, Kim has been the President of Mystic Studios, Inc., a company she launched for intuitive and creative empowerment. When not roaming the world, Kim lives in Pittsburgh, PA, with her husband, dog, cat and two daughters.


Kim's work has been supported and honored by some of the top organizations and universities in the world.



Changing the World One Intuition at a Time

Intuition Lab

Empower your Intuition from anywhere with global, web-based learning ~ self-study or interactive with Kim.


Intuition masterclass

A six-week, global Intuition immersion course, workshop and certification, lead personally by Kim.


international intuition coalition

Join the 2,000-member strong movement to raise awareness of the power of Intuition.

mystic studios

Live Intuition awakening salons, retreats and workshops in Pittsburgh


discovery sessions

For a deeper dive, personal 1:1 Intuition coaching sessions with Kim, both virtual and in-person.


art + Soul Shoppe

Make your world a more beautiful place with chi-infused, original paintings and prints by Kim Chestney.