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Get Intuitive! Special Event at the Journey, Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Monroeville Convention Center (map)

Get into the Flow, and Discover the Secrets of Your Inner Guidance and How to Awaken its Power for Spiritual Growth featuring Special Guest, Susan Amorose, DMQ RMT
Intuition is one of the world’s best-kept secrets ~ and it is innate in everyone! Join best-selling spiritual author, Kim Chestney, for a talk and Intuition-awakening workshop to help you empower your inner-guidance, like never before.

 Isn’t it time to start living true to your Self, and creating the life of your dreams? Discover what the Universe is calling you to do! Ignite your Intuition with this immersive session, focused on opening your intuitive flow, recognizing your inner guidance and attuning to higher consciousness.

This one-hour event includes:

  • Understanding Intuition as the next spiritual and cultural revolution
  • How to move beyond Mindfulness, with Intuition as a complete spiritual practice
  • Holistic Intuition activation techniques for body, mind, heart and spirit
    • QiGong Mini-Set to Deepen Yin Yang Awareness and Heighten Intuitive Power, with Susan Amorose
    • Intuition Empowerment Meditation
    • A Message for the Moment, Selection of Your Personal Intuition Empowerment Card

Join the movement to live by Intuition; learn how it works within you, and how to master it to live a better life, and fulfill your soul’s potential.

Kim Chestney, PhD CIC RMT, is a best-selling author, artist and the Founding Director of the CREATE! Festival. Her book,The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential, has been published around the world and translated into multiple languages. Known for her unique perspective on Intuition, Kim is revolutionizing the understanding of our inner guidance, and how it empowers our well-being, work, creativity and spiritual growth. 

Special Guest, Dr. Susan Amorose holds a doctorate in Medical QiGong and is a clinical practitioner, certifying instructor, curriculum designer and speaker for QiGong and Reiki, as well as alternative therapies, integrative approaches to personal and enterprise success. Susan’s unique approach combines Sacred Geometry, grounding and visualization to activate the three Dan Tiens to enhance internal connectivity, expand consciousness and stimulate your capacity to manifest and align with your center of power. 

“Intuition is the final frontier for human cognition. It is a direct line to truth, well-being and creativity; it is the delta of the human spirit, as the next evolution beyond the information age.”

~Kim Chestney