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AWAKEN! Pittsburgh 2018

  • Green Heiress Holistic Health Commercial Avenue Aspinwall, PA, 15215 United States (map)

New Year's Intuition, Creativity + Spiritual Awakening Retreat for Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit
SOLD OUT for 2018


"This is the best workshop I’ve been to in years! It was full of useful information, experiential activities and practical application. Not to mention a great group of women! Thank you Kim Chestney and the ladies of Green Heiress for such a great day!" ~ Wendy Borne, Visions Reiki

This year, make the resolution to live your inner truth! Join us for Pittsburgh's first annual, full-day retreat for awakening Intuition and igniting your spiritual evolution. The New Year is a time to embrace personal transformation, and reinforce our commitment to spiritual growth. Treat yourself to a day of immersive soul-work to start the year off right, and attune your spirit to actualize your highest potential.

  • Intuition is the innate connection to Higher Awareness (God) in all people
  • Living true to our inner guidance is the secret to Self-actualization and happiness
  • Each of us has our own unique language with our Higher-Self, and it is easy to learn it!

Intuition is the most important power within us all, and is, truly, the measure of our spiritual evolution. As we expand our consciousness, and grow in our inner radiance, we naturally attune to the magic and rhythm of life itself.

This full-day retreat includes a delicious vegetarian lunch, workshops, lectures, Qi Gong, Yin Yoga and meditations for folks of all ages. Please dress comfortably for light movement. We will supply mats and pillows, but feel free to bring your own, as well!


9am: Welcome + Group Introductions

9:15am: Energetic Attunement Sound Bath, by Stephanie Miller, Harpist
A luxurious, Vibroacoustic Harp Meditation will  balance and energize your spirit for the new year!  Using the harp’s natural vibrations to help bring the body to balance, this immersive session will wash away anxiety and stress, and prepare us for a centered day of soul-work.

9:30am: Mindful Evolution: The Art of Enlightened Being + Doing, by Kim Chestney
Mindfulness is a crucial practice in our process of spiritual awakening; Intuition is a crucial practice for our spiritual evolution. We start the day off by learning why we must balance the energies of enlightened being with enlightened doing to fulfill our highest potential, and you how can embrace Intuition become the best you.

10:15: QiGong of Power, Place and Purpose, with Susan Amorose, DMQ, RMT
Aligning mind, body, spirit and passion with a new approach to the ancient and honored flow practice of QiGong [chee-kung], Susan debuts a new integration of Qi Gong with the principles of Intuition and Sacred Geometry. This innovative session will empower your inner and outer sacred space for better health, clarity, groundedness and creativity. Learn more

11-12: Awakening Your Inner Guidance for Well-being, Wisdom, Creativity and Spiritual Evolution, by Kim Chestney    
Author of the best-selling holistic book, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential, Kim Chestney presents an overview of what Intuition really is, and how it has the power to change your life. With an unprecedented, holistic approach to Intuition, Kim explains why Intuition is the world's best kept secret, and how creating a culture of Intuition in your daily life is the key to spiritual evolution.

12-1: Vegetarian Lunch + Break
Enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch with the group, make new friends or take time for yourself in the Green Heiress meditation room.

1-2:15: Intuition Discovery Session
After lunch, we get to work on our souls! We start by looking within to discover how Intuition works uniquely within each of us. You will learn your natural Intuitive affinities, and how to work with them to actualize your personal truth.

What Kind of Intuitive are You? Intuition Affinity Assessments
Living Your Truth through the Four Pathways of Intuition
Self-Actualization Quiz
Intuition Activation Meditation

2:15:  Short Break

2:30-3: Gentle Yoga, with Nicole Dunlap
Nicky Dunlap guides us through an afternoon stretch to get our bodies and spirits into the flow.

3-4:30: Higher-Self Awakening Workshops
To round out the day, we learn everyday practices to empower our Intuition and spiritual awakening. With a holistic approach, we focus on methodologies to open the body, mind, heart and spirit pathways. This session includes interactive group exercises to help you recognize and understand your Intuition.

Body of Truth: Chakras, Reiki, Psychometry, The Sixth Sense
Practical Intuition: Recognizing Everyday Intuitive Guidance
The Art of Self-Actualization: Inspiration, Passion and Higher-Self Expression
Into the Mystic: Love, Enlightenment + Higher Planes of Awareness

4:30-5:  Group Discussion + Closing Meditation
We end the class with a group meditation that includes affirmations and visualizations to use throughout the coming year to empower your Intuition and manifest the life of your dreams.


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Kim is the author of the internationally-published New Age bestseller, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential, and founder of Pittsburgh’s CREATE! Festival. Kim has been empowering Intuition and Creativity for nearly 20 years, both in Pittsburgh and around the world.
} Learn more about Kim



Susan holds a doctorate in Medical QiGong and is a clinical practitioner, certifying instructor, curriculum designer and speaker for QiGong and Reiki, as well as alternative therapies, integrative approaches to personal and enterprise success. 
} Learn more about Susan



Nicky has been practicing and studying yoga for four years She is passionate about all things creative, and believes yoga and art are one in the same. If she can inspire anyone at all to commit to a practice of self-love, whether it be through yoga or some other form of creative expression, that will be enough.  } Learn more about Nicky


Stephanie Miller, co-founder of Music for Life of Pittsburgh, LLC, is harpist and composer whose music has been featured in All's Fair the web series and the documentary Awakening; the official soundtrack for Bethany's Story } Learn more about Stephanie