Why Does Intuition Keep Secrets?

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My Intuition didn't always speak to me.
In fact, one of my biggest heartbreaks in my life was a colossal intuitive blind spot.
(How could I not see it?)

Years ago, when my first book, “The Psychic Workshop,” was published, I was over the moon. It was a dream come true.

Learning to master my Intuition had been a challenging, and often scary road, but *finally* I was living my truth. My book deal felt like a validation of that, and it felt so great to be helping other people do the same.

At last, I had arrived.
At last, I got the big pat-on-the-back from the Universe I had been waiting for...

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...but, then, within literal *days* of my book launch, I got a BIG MIDDLE FINGER.

Yep. It was almost as if the Universe was on a mission to keep me humble.

You see, the story of the biggest, shockingly huge blind spot of my life goes like this:

  1. My mother “co-incidentally” leaves her memoir draft out on the table during a visit.
  2. I take a curious glance at the open page.
  3. I read a passage about me…(hint: it’s a deep, dark family secret that everybody knew but me).

To make a very, very long story short, what I read was the real story of how I came to be. It was the story of a biological father that I never knew existed...and a real father who I always thought was my own. (but really wasn't) (Gasp!)

33 years and I never knew.


And a tough pill to swallow for a “psychic.”

The craziest part is that I never had an inkling. Not even a clue! It wasn’t one of those *ah-ha moments* when you say: Now it all makes sense!

Nope. No red flags. No intuitive nudges. Nothing.
Nada. Nada…y pues nada.

How in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks could I not have sensed that?
AND, how could I authentically guide others when I missed something SO HUGE?

I would be lying if said I didn’t beat myself up about it. (a lot)
I was depressed. I spiraled. I felt like a fraud.

But then, one day, I saw an interview with, TV super-psychic medium, Jon Edward (remember him?) talking about when his mother had cancer ~ and how he went into a spiritual spiral and stopped working because he was mad at his Intuition for not letting him know about it.

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Like me, he had a tragic blind spot.
Also, like me, he was disheartened. 

He is one of the world’s most successful and popular psychics. 
He would know impossible things every day to help thousands of strangers…but he couldn’t help his own family. :(

And me?
I founded my entire life ideology around living my truth, only to find out that my whole life was a lie.
How could Intuition fail so massively?

>> Jon Edward finally answered that question at the end of his talk that day...
And his answer was that Intuition didn’t fail at all.
And neither did we.

The truth is: we aren’t always meant to see the truth!

Intuition doesn’t exist to tell us everything we want to know. That’s NOT the deal.
The deal is that we TRUST that Intuition will tell us what we need to know.

Intuition reveals (or doesn’t reveal) in its own time.

We are not the boss of Intuition.
We are its servant.

And, today, I am grateful for the pain that my Intuition spared me. I am grateful for the naïve life I had with my dad and my family. (ignorance is bliss :) And I am also grateful that I have been able to make peace with the truth that was ultimately revealed.

In the end, that’s our real job. That’s our duty: to keep on living OUR truth ~ no matter what comes.
THAT is how we win.

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So ~ I invite you to reflect on these questions…

1. Have you had any intuitive blind spots in your life?
Can you meditate on what they meant to you?
Like me and Jon Edward, can you forgive your Self (and Intuition) and choose to trust the way of the Universe instead?

2. Are there any parts of your life that you are holding back on, because you are afraid to live your truth?
Are you willing to make the shift from a fear-based life, to a trust-based life? (hello, Intuition!)
What is one action-step you will take today to honor your truth?
I put off writing my second book for years while I figured this stuff out. It’s hard.
But I finally got over myself, and my fear of failure…the feeling that I wasn’t good enough.
And that’s when I passed the real test.


The test wasn’t whether or not I was worthy of selling thousands of books.
The test was getting over myself so that I could be the REAL VOICE the people who read those books needed.

Now, I want to hear your story!
I love reading and sharing the trials and triumphs of the human spiritual journey.
Send me an email at kim@mystic-studio.com and tell me YOUR Intuition story.



Kim Chestney