about kim chestney

Kim Chestney is an internationally-published author, globally-recognized innovation leader and intuition expert. Kim has touched thousands of lives by raising awareness of Intuition as a revolutionary next step in the enlightenment of both human consciousness and world culture.

Kim’s first book, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential, sold over 20,000 copies around the globe, was a Top-10 Amazon UK New Age Bestseller and has been translated to multiple languages around the world. She now leads a thriving Intuition community with both live and online classes, workshops and retreats around the world.

Kim has has been speaking, teaching and leading events supporting intuition, creativity and innovation culture since 1998. Her work has been featured and supported by top-tier organizations including: SXSW Interactive; Carnegie Mellon University; The Pittsburgh Technology Council; Simon & Shuster, The OM Times; New Orleans Entrepreneur Week; The International Economic Development Council; Sivana East; Chapman University + the European Union; The Elephant Journal; SIGGRAPH, The Santa Fe International New Media Festival and Americans for the Arts.

Named as a “leader of Pittsburgh’s creative revolution,” Kim spent nearly two decades leading initiatives with some of the top technology companies and thought-leaders in the world. Researching, advocating and building a platform for “applied Intuition,” she founded the internationally-acclaimed CREATE! Festival, which she produced for nearly 10 years. In 2018, she was elected to the Americans for the Arts Advisory Council for her outstanding, innovative contributions to the national intuition-based Creative Economy.

“Kim has evolved to become one of the nation's top conveners/champions/ambassadors for creatives. She is a trusted resource for entrepreneurs, a sought after national speaker and my personal translator for communications with the art + technology world."


In response to the demand for a “new school” kind of Intuition training, in 2017 Kim founded IntuitionLab, a global school for Intuition education. Teaching an unprecedented system of “Quantum Intuition,” she is levitating a new understanding of Intuition as the natural spark of genius within all people — a generally latent, innate ability that can be cultivated to move humanity to the next frontier of consciousness.

Born in the United States, and educated around the globe, Kim spent her early years traveling and learning world perspectives. At age 23, a profound metaphysical experience set her on the path of inner awakening. The catalyst to this life-altering experience was a simple act of trusting Intuition. Since then, Kim has devoted her life’s work to fostering Intuition and raising awareness of its value, both in practical and spiritual life.

"Working with Kim was like opening a whole new world of myself that I never knew existed. I can honestly say that my intuition led me to Kim and my spiritual awakening truly began after working with her. Living from an intuitive place is such a beautifully magical thing and is the root of PEACE…I can't thank her enough."



I hope you will join us and experience the life-changing power of your Intuition!

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Fun facts about me


i was born at 12:12 on halloween

“That explains it!” has been a common reaction when people discover my birthday. My first book party launched on my birthday and was hosted by Jim Donovan, from the iconic band Rusted Root.


my book on intuition was intuitively foretold

My first book on intuitive development was foretold in an intuitive development group! (True story) I didn’t believe it but, within a year, we had copies all over the world!


i started a pretty cool festival

Intuition…Creativity…Innovation…the driving forces of the future. We made a 1,000 person-strong festival to celebrate that with music, art, technology, business and new conscious living.


to everything, there is a season…

I tried to ditch my Karma by wanderlusting abroad in my early years, but I had many lessons to learn. I lost my little sister tragically. Then had to have double-fusion spinal surgery. Thats just for starters. That which does not kill you…


i have 2 beautiful daughters

It has been quite an adventure balancing career and mom-hood, but I couldn’t be prouder of these these two beauties. A surfer-fitness-powerhouse and a hippy-rebel-musician ~ I am a lucky mom!

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 6.44.55 PM.png

i worked in tech for 20 yrs

When I started seeing super smart innovators, techies and other staggeringly brilliant thought-leaders get excited about Intuition, my mission to bring Intuition mainstream became clear.


i am a professionally-trained ballerina

Dance is still my favorite flow practice! In my early days, this was my life 20+ hrs/week ~ since I was 4! (Yeah, that’s me hamming it up on the bottom left.)


my husband was (almost) a priest

Ready to take his vows in a Benedictine Monastery, he was called to serve our country. He has taught me the value of freedom, and service. And we have a lot of great talks about God.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 2.14.58 PM.png

i got elected to serve America

One of my greatest honors has been my election to the National Advisory Council for Americans for the Arts. What a testament to the global transformation that is happening right now, with the power of Intuition behind it!


i am an artist

I discovered my Intuition through art. It was my first calling, my first passion. It is through creativity, inspiration and ingenuity that we bring Intuition into the world. We are all artists of our own life.