What’s my Story?


international best-selling author. founder of mystic studios + Intuition lab. artist. mom. creator of the create! festival. scorpio. die-hard intuition advocate.


Fun facts about me…


i was born on halloween

“That explains it!” has been the most common reaction to that throughout my life. Fittingly, my first book party launched on my birthday and was hosted by the super-cool Jim Donovan, from the iconic band Rusted Root.


my books are published all over the world

My first book on intuitive development was foretold in an intuitive development group! (True story!) The BEST part was getting the Eastern Edition, which is bound on the right and reads back to front!


i started a pretty cool festival

Pittsburgh is on fire. And we needed a place to bring together artists, techies and all the intuitive outliers that are taking over the world. We broke fire code the first day. Now we get over 1,000 people from around the world each year!


i had my share of challenges

I tried to ditch my Karma by wanderlusting through Europe in my early years. But I had to face the music. I lost my little sister tragically. I endured double-fusion spinal surgery. Thats just for starters. That which does not kill you…


i have 2 beautiful daughters

It has been quite an adventure balancing career and mom-hood, but I couldn’t be prouder of these these two beauties. A surfer-fitness-powerhouse and a hippy-rebel-musician ~ I am a lucky mom!

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 6.44.55 PM.png

i worked in tech for 20 yrs

When I started hearing really smart innovators, start ups and other staggeringly brilliant thought leaders talk about Intuition as the ‘secret sauce’ to success, my mission to bring Intuition mainstream became clear.


i am a professionally-trained ballerina

I never realized that dance was such a grounding flow practice until I grew up! In my early days, this was my life… 20+ hrs/week ~ since I was 4! (Yeah, that’s me hamming it up on the bottom left.)


my husband was (almost) a priest

Ready to take his vows in a Benedictine Monastery, his path was diverted by a mission to serve the country overseas. He has taught me the value of freedom, and service. And we have a lot of great talks about God.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 2.14.58 PM.png

i got elected to serve America

One of my greatest honors has been my election to the National Advisory Council for Americans for the Arts. What a testament to the global transformation that is happening RIGHT NOW with the power of Intuition!


i am an artist

I discovered my Intuition through art. It was my first calling, my first passion. It is through creativity, inspiration, ingenuity, innovation that we bring Intuition into the world. We are all artists of our own life.


join me…


KIM CHESTNEY’S work has been supported and honored by some of the top organizations and universities in the world.